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Town Hall

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1. Is the town hall available to rent?

Residents may rent the town hall for $50.00 with a $50.00 Clean up Deposit. Civic Groups may use the hall free of charge. Call the Town Chairman to reserve the hall.

Building Structures

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1. If I want to build a structure, what is the process?

Steps to follow before building – allow a minimum of 3 weeks 1) FROM THE TOWNSHIP – Apply for Land Use Permit for any structure. The cost of the permit is determined by the size of the structure. Contact the Zoning Administrator for the permit. 2) FROM THE COUNTY PLANNING & ZONING DEPT. – Apply for 911 Number, Well Permit, Erosion Control Permit & Septic System. 3) DRIVEWAY PERMITS- Driveways off a Town Road –are issued by the Zoning Administrator. Driveways off a County Road – are issued by the County. The fine for building without a permit is 2 times the original permit fee. All forms can be found under Forms and Permits

2. Do I need a land use/building permit if I want to reroof, reside, or replace windows in a structure?

No, you do not need a permit to reroof, reside, or replace windows in a structure.

Licenses and Permits

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1. Do I really need a burning permit?

Burning Permits are required in the entire Township. If you start a fire without a permit you are subject to a fine. Even with a valid permit, you are liable for any damages and fire fighting costs incurred. More information regarding burning permits can be found under the Burning Permit tab on the left side of the web page.

2. How do I license my dog?

The State of Wisconsin requires ALL dogs to be licensed. The Licensing Form is located under Forms and Permits. Most taxpayers license their dogs at the time they pay their tax bill. Dog licenses for new dogs can be purchased from the Town Treasurer any time during the year. Complete the form found under Forms and Permits and mail to the Treasurer along with the fee and current rabies information. A dog tag will then be issued to you.

3. Does a tarp placed over a framework resulting in a light-weight, moveable structure used for storage require a land use/building permit?

Yes, if this is a structure that is erected for your use and has a value of $1,000 or more. A structure is anything constructed or erected the use of which requires location on the ground or that it be attached to something having a location on the ground, but not including utility lines and their normal accessary equipment (definition of structure, page 3 of the Town of Bloomer Zoning, Land Use, and Building Ordinance). Even though it may seem portable and moveable, this is not a factor in the determination of whether a permit is required or not. It is an improvement to real estate property. This definition also applies to structures on wheels or skids.

4. When do I need a Land Use/ Building Permit?

A land use/building permit is required at any point that you are making an improvement to your property (ie: decorative/privacy fence, addition, alteration, dwelling, barn, shed, garage, basement, etc.) valued at $5,000 or more. Please refer to page 41, Chapter 13.3 of the Town of Bloomer Zoning Ordinance). For zoning purposes, a building and structure are the same.


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1. Where do I pay my property taxes?

• All payments made in December & January on the current year tax are to be paid to your Town Treasurer. • All Personal Property taxes, except improvements on leased land, are due in full by January 31st to your Town Treasurer. • You must pay the first installment by January 31st in order to postpone the second installment until July 31. If you miss the first installment due date, the entire remaining unpaid taxes, special assessments, special charges and special taxes (if any) will become delinquent and subject to interest of 1% per month from February 1st until paid. • If you choose to pay the bill in full in December or January, you need to pay it to your Town • All bills less than $100 have to be paid in full by January 31st to your Town Treasurer. • If your first installment is paid by the due date to the local treasurer, the second installment is due by July 31st to the County Treasurer. If you miss the July 31st due date the balance becomes delinquent and subject to interest of 1% per month retroactive to February 1st. • All delinquent taxes are paid to the County Treasurer. If you own multiple parcels you will receive multiple billings. Please add the totals and submit just one check to the Treasurer for payment. Refer to the Website Notices for information during the tax collection time period.

2. Does the Town accept credit card payments for property taxes?

Property taxes can be paid online at the Chippewa County website. The website can be found under the Links tab. Note that a convenience fee will be added for this type of transaction. https://www.officialpayments.com/pc_entry_standard.jsp?productId=3111989418033295592033791827212236984

Schedule and Operation Hours

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1. Where can I find out about Town and Committee Meetings?

All notices will be posted at The Bloomer Town Hall, Birch Point Resort, Two Acres Supper Club and Willies RV Center. As a courtesy, notices may be published in the Bloomer Advance and on this website.

Property Assessment

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1. Who do I contact regarding my property assessment?

The Town Assessor, Randy Prochnow, 715-632-2116

2. How do I file an appeal to my property assessment?

Instructions for the process of an appeal can be found at http://www.revenue.wi.gov/pubs/slf/pb055.pdf

Community Services

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1. Who do I call if the snowplow damages my mailbox?

The Town Chairman

2. I would like to be a poll worker, who do I contact?

The Town Clerk

3. I would like to serve on the Planning Commission or Board of Appeals, who do I contact?

The Town Chairman or the Zoning Administrator

Town Topics

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1. Where is the Recycling Center?

The Recycling Center is located at 407 26th Street, Bloomer, WI 54724. Call (715)568-1803 for hours of operation and information.

2. Can the Town cut trees and brush within the town road-of-way without my permission?

Yes, the Town may cut any trees or brush within the right-of-way for the safety of the motoring public. The wood belongs to the landowner. The landowner’s permission must be obtained if you want to cut and haul this wood. Contact the Town Chairman or one of the Supervisors if you have any questions or concerns. For your safety as well as our Town employees, please slow down in work areas. It is greatly appreciated.

3. Is sand available to residents for use on their driveways?

Sand/salt mixture for winter use is available at no charge if there are no shortages. Town residents can pick up one or two 5-gallon buckets of salt/sand mixture per visit to the Town Hall. Residents are required to provide their own containers and must fill and load the containers into their vehicles. Please responsibly use this service so all residents continue to benefit.

4. Where can I dispose of electronic devices?

Beginning Sept 1, 2010 it is illegal to place electronic devices in the trash in Wisconsin. Please don't mix electronics with trash or other recyclables. You can recycle electronic devices at the Bloomer Recycling Center located at 407 26th Street, Bloomer, WI 54724. Call (715)568-1803 for hours of operation and more information.

Town Board

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1. How can I submit comments and provide feedback to the Town Board?

Please use this email address ([email protected]) or call the Town Chairman to submit your comments and feedback. Please be assured that your feedback and comments will be read and routed to the appropriate individual for a response. We are attempting to respond to all submissions within two business day. Some feedback submissions may require research or coordination with several individuals; in this case we will keep you informed as we progress in addressing your submission. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.