Burning Permit

Burning permits are required in the entire Town of Bloomer and general burning permits are issued by the Town Chairman or through the DNR by phone or online (Contact info below) with one exception, which will be described later. A burning permit is not required when the ground is completely covered by snow.

There are two governmental bodies that regulate controlled burning in the Town of Bloomer, one is the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) which regulates that portion of the Township east of State Highway 40 and north of State Highway 64, and the Town of Bloomer  regulates the remainder of the Township as determined by Ordinance 01-79 passed by the Town Board on 04/12/79.

The permit requirements are the same for the entire Township with one exception. Within the area regulated by the DNR, a special permit must be obtained from  the Cornell Ranger Station (DNR) to burn piles of brush or other allowed materials larger in size than 6 feet X 6 feet X 6 feet. The telephone number for the Ranger Station is (715)239-6355.

You MUST OBTAIN the appropriate permit, CONTACT the DNR to determine if burning is allowed, and INFORM the Chippewa County Dispatch Center before burning to prevent accidental dispatch of the Bloomer Fire Department. If a permit is not obtained, penalties may be imposed; if the fire department is dispatched by accident, penalties will be imposed; and if the burn gets out of control and causes damages, penalties will be imposed. In other words the person(s) burning materials is(are) RESPONSIBLE.


General Permit

Town of Bloomer Chairman


Phone: 1-888-WIS BURN (1-888-947-2876)

Special Permit

Cornell Ranger Station

Phone: 1-715-239-6355

Fire Restrictions


click on: WI-DNR Burning Restrictions on the Home page

Phone: 1-888-WIS BURN (1-888-947-2876)

Chippewa County Dispatch Center

Phone (non-emergency calls): (715) 726-7701